Sunday, March 28, 2010


This whiz kid MUSHAM ADARSH son of Mr. Musham Damodar and Mrs Musham Rekha, is an LKG student of Kotwal's Montessori and Primary School, West Marredpally. he gave a demonstation of his talents before press persons here on Thursday.
Where is Mexico, Mongolia, Egypt, St.Helena, Agra, Tongo The question came fast and quick. The answers rather identification was equally swift. With the aid of an indicator little Adarsh pin-ointed the countries on the world map to the astonishment of the press persons. The tiny maestro faltered a couple of times as it took some time for him to register the country, but soon his index finger was there right on the dot.
How did Adarsh develop this ability? No, it is no human being behind this feat. it is the Discovery Channel which triggered map-reading interest in Adarsh. The programme on animal migration caught the boy's fancy and whenever he saw the African continent on TV, he started yelling "AFrica".
"Surprised by his interest, we started coaching him and showed him new countries on the map' said the boy's parents.His mother Musham Rekha an numisphilatelist encouraged the boy most of the time to do this FEAT.
Adarsh would sit before the world map and quiz everyone. Slowly his memory retention power increased and he would remember the names of countries easily. Later his parents gave him stamps of various countries and islands. Soon the boy could recognize the stamps and tell the countries they belong to. He had even taken part in the State -Level Philately Exhibition conducted by the Department of Posts, said Mr.Musham Damodhar.
He said his son was also very fond of animals and vehicles.

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